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Fatigue4Light project
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Fatigue4Light final conference

Events organised

Webinar “Driving sustainability: eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment approaches for Electric Vehicles” – January 2024

Webinar “Advanced Fatigue Simulation methodology for Electric Vehicles chassis parts” – November 2023 

Webinar “Lightweight materials deployment in Electric Vehicles chassis parts: Fast testing methodologies new materials” – October 2023

EnlightEVs EU Green Week webinar “Towards a more sustainable mobility through the implementation of advanced solutions and lightweight materials in Electric Vehicles” – June 2023

Fatigue4Light & REVOLUTION webinar “EVs lightweighting assessment based on AI machine learning and numerical modelling using new materials” – April 2023

Events participated

Presentation of Fatigue4Light during a SALEMA webinar on aluminium for lightweight and sustainable mobility – October 2023

Presentation of Fatigue4Light during an industrial workshop organised by three RCFS projects – June 2023

Fatigue4Light presented in the webinar “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its application to the automotive sector” – February 2023

CIMNE presents Fatigue4Light during the RTR European Conference  – February 2023

Fatigue4Light presented during Sweden’s first test bed for sustainable composite manufacturing – September 2021

Fatigue4Light research

Hybrid Manufacturing of a 3D-Shaped Fiber Metal Laminate 

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