Advanced Fatigue Simulation methodology for Electric Vehicles chassis parts

November 28th | 10.00h - 11.40h CET, Online

The Fatigue4Light project invites you to take part in a new industrial webinar to present the research and developments related to the advanced fatigue simulation methodology and techniques applied within the project for Electric Vehicles chassis parts. 

During the webinar, project partners will talk and discuss about different topics from experimental to computer analysis, AI Machine Learning and numberical modelling, among others. 




The Fatigue4Light project is developing lightweight solutions adapted to the chassis parts of Electric Vehicles to enhance weight reduction compared to current solutions and increase vehicles’ safety due to reduced sprung mass. The project is focused on the development of new tests and computer simulation methods to better estimate the fatigue life of chassis components and to select the optimal materials for lighter vehicle chassis.

Fatigue4Light is one of the first projects tackling weight reduction in automotive chassis parts, which is a necessary step to further progress in electric vehicle lightweighting, as reduction of vehicle weight impacts positively in CO2 emissions, electric vehicle autonomy, driveability and security.


10.00 – Welcome & Introduction 

Lucia Barbu, Fatigue4Light project’s coordinator and Assistant Professor, CIMNE

10.05 – The Fatigue4Light project: Boosting the use of lightweight materials in Electric Vehicles’ chassis

Lucia Barbu, Fatigue4Light project’s coordinator and Assistant Research Professor, CIMNE

10.20 – Numerical analysis of steel/multi-material analysis. Monotonic and cyclic response.

Sergio Jiménez, Fatigue4Light project’s coordinator and Associate Lecturer, CIMNE

10.40 – Advance high strength steel Lower Control Arm

Michele Tedesco, Global Responsible for Metals & Anticorrosion, Stellantis CRF 

10.55 – Hybrid Manufacturing and Structural Testing of a 3D-Shaped Fiber Metal Laminate

Matthias Merzkirch, Senior Scientist, RISE  

11.10 – Numerical simulation of the Fatigue4Light demonstrators

Sergio Jiménez, Fatigue4Light project’s coordinator and Associate Lecturer, CIMNE

11.20 – Questions & Answers 
11.40 – Closing