Fatigue in Automotive parts: challenges when facing lightweight construction on chassis parts

January 16th | 9.00h - 13.30h CET

Venue: Eurecat Manresa, Plaça de la Ciència, 2, 08242 Manresa

The Fatigue4Light project invites you to a new industrial workshop to showcase the challenges within lightweight construction for chassis parts, emphasizing fatigue testing, materials, and methodologies to optimize durability.

During the event, our panel of experts will address the complexities of fatigue in automotive parts, spanning from material science (microstructure influence), testing methodologies, numerical formulations, to practical applications in safety components and hot stamping processes.

The workshop will not only emphasize the significance of understanding fatigue in materials, but also showcase innovative strategies and advancements contributing to the future of durable lightweight automotive design.


The Fatigue4Light project is developing lightweight solutions adapted to the chassis parts of Electric Vehicles to enhance weight reduction compared to current solutions and increase vehicles’ safety due to reduced sprung mass. The project is focused on the development of new tests and computer simulation methods to better estimate the fatigue life of chassis components and to select the optimal materials for lighter vehicle chassis.

Fatigue4Light is one of the first projects tackling weight reduction in automotive chassis parts, which is a necessary step to further progress in electric vehicle lightweighting, as reduction of vehicle weight impacts positively in CO2 emissions, electric vehicle autonomy, driveability and security.


9.00 – Welcome & registration
9.10 – Introduction to Eurecat’s activities in fatigue in the Automotive sector

Daniel Casellas, Scientific Director, Eurecat

9.20 – Application of high strength structural steel in heavy duty vehicles

Henrik Sieurin, Expert Engineer, Scania CV AB

9.40 – Fatigue fast testing methodologies to optimize lightweight construction of chassis parts

Sergi Parareda, Researcher at the Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit, Eurecat

10.00 – Damage detection and monitoring in fatigue tests: application to punched holes in AHSS

Leif Bäckman, MsC, SSAB

Sergi Parareda, Researcher at the Metallic and Ceramic Materials Unit, Eurecat

10.20 – Effect of microstructure on fatigue properties of hot-rolled thick-plate advanced high-strength steels

Nader Heshmati, Doctoral Student, KTH

10.40 – Fatigue testing in automotive components: new trends adapted to new forming technologies

Noemi Rodriguez, Head of Electric Functions, BodyShop & Powertrain, SEAT

Marina Canet, Technical Coordinator, SEAT

11.00 – Coffee break and networking
11.30 – Fatigue numerical formulation – application to chassis components

Lucia BarbuFatigue4Light project’s coordinatorCIMNE

11.50 – The importance of the fatigue in a safety component such as wheels

Davide Ronco, Research and Development ManagerMW

12.10 – Hot stamping for lightweighting of heavy-duty vehicle chassis parts

Gustaf Gustafsson, Research Engineer, Gestamp

12.30 – Micromechanical characterization of the cut edge damage on steels for automotive applications

Laia Ortiz Membrado, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, UPC

13.10 – Fatigue life estimation of punched and trimmed sheet metal

David Gustafsson, Doctoral Student, LTU

13.30 – Q&A and seminar closure