Enlight EVs Cluster

The Fatigue4Light project is part of the Enlight EVs Cluster, which brings together EU-funded R&D projects which are developing innovative solutions, tested in industrial pilots, that can be rapidly applied in the automotive market to reduce EVs weight, while considering structural integrity, passengers’ safety, and sustainability, through eco-design and circular practices.

The projects participating in this cluster will boost awareness regarding the research results and promote knowledge transfer with relevant stakeholders, such as industry and academia, contributing to a safe and more sustainable automotive industry and boosting the use of lightweight and green materials for the production of automotive structures. 

The Enlight EVs Cluster is formed by FLAMINGo, REVOLUTION, LEVIS, Alma and Fatigue4Light.

Cluster materials


Light materials for electric vehicles

The LEVIS EU-funded project aims to develop lightweight components for electric vehicles using eco-design and circular economy approaches. To achieve this, the consortium uses multi-material solutions based on carbon fibre thermoplastic composites optimally integrated with metals, which will be produced using cost-effective and scalable manufacturing technologies. 


Supporting the Electric Vehicle revolution through maximising EV range and end-of-life vehicle recovery through optimisation of recycled plastics and advanced light materials

The REVOLUTION project has the objective to demonstrate automotive components by using polymer solutions which feature optimised recycled materials to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components facilitating a proper dismantling and materials’ reuse, recovery and recycling. 


Lightweight Aluminium Metal matrix nano-composites and validation in Green Vehicles

The FLAMINGo European project proposes a novel industrial manufacturing route for the efficient production of high-performance lighweight Aliminium composite materials thanks to a novel metallurgical and forming combined approach for making automotive parts for Green Vehicles. 


Advanced Light Materials and processes for the eco-design of electric vehicles

The ALMA’s ambition is to make electric cars more sustainable, lightweight, and efficient through an eco-design approach using advanced materials. ALMA’s strength is in its cooperation and altruistic approach for the people and planet. The project’s developments will decrease the environmental impacts of electric vehicles by reducing the weight of the structure, saving materials and energy thereby reducing CO2 emissions.