Fatigue4Light presentation at the REVOLUTION project consortium meeting

Fatigue4Light project coordinator Lucia Barbu from CIMNE presented the project during the REVOLUTION’s consortium meeting, one of our sister projects funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The meeting was celebrated in an online format on April 6th.

The presentation had the objective to introduce all relevant concepts and the approach of the Fatigue4Light project to the REVOLUTION partners in order to find common points of cooperation and stimulate future synergies and collaboration activities.

During the session, representatives from the other three Fatigue4Light-sister projects LEVIS, FLAMINGo and ALMA, also presented their projects, main solutions to be developed and expected objectives.

The REVOLUTION project has the objective to demonstrate automotive components by using polymer solutions which feature optimised recycled materials to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components facilitating a proper dismantling and materials’ reuse, recovery and recycling.